Star Apartments


240 E. 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 91104
$14 Million
102 Units
Rehabilitation & New Construction
Owner: Skid Row Housing Trust
Architect: Michael Maltzan Architects
Completion: October 2013
2014 LEED for Homes Outstanding Affordable Project
2012 Los Angeles Building Council Architectural Award
2012 AIA Next LA Design Award
Project Description


The Star Apartments is an innovative experiment in supportive housing in Downtown Los Angeles. The project is being constructed atop an existing 1-story retail building, which is being gutted and renovated to meet the Owner’s programmatic needs and support the structure above.

The ground floor and the deck atop the existing building house meeting rooms, tenant support services such as counseling facilities and classrooms, staff offices, a community kitchen and dining room, and exterior exercise spaces.

102 units of housing occupy the upper floors, utilizing modular construction with units built off-site and trucked in and then craned into place. Rooftop decks provide additional recreation space.

The project is slated for a minimum USGBC LEED Silver Certification, although the project team is working diligently to identify opportunities for additional points and hopes to achieve LEED Gold.