April 1, 2013

Rosslyn Hotel

Rosslyn Hotel

102-116 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

$16.6 Million
264 Units Rehab

Owner: SRO Housing Corporation
Architect: M2A Architects
Completed: November 2014


Project Description

Rehabilitiation of historic Rosslyn Hotel into 264 units of SRO housing.  New seismic retrofit will incorporate sheer walls and moment frames to current code standards to insure life safety of tenants.  New plumbing, electrical, and heating systems will be integrated into existing chases.  Brick, terra cotta, and cast stone elements will be cleaned to historic standards.  Windows will be repaired and refinished in place.  Retail facades will be restored where they remain or recreated to current standards while maintaining original design.  New tenant amenities to be located in the restored historic Lobby and 2nd Floor include TV lounge, computer room, meeting areas, laundry, and quiet indoor recrcreational spaces.  Tenant unit work includes lead and asbestos remediation, electrical and plumbing upgrades, new paint, and new finishes.  All 264 units will be provided with a utility kitchenette not currently available to tenants.