Boyle-Cummings Block


101-105 N. Boyle Ave.
1781-1785 E. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90033
$12.2 Million
Historic Rehab & New Construction
31 Units Rehab
20 New Units
Owner: ELACC
Architect: Richard Barron Architects
Completion: August 2012
Project Description


The Boyle Hotel on the Boyle-Cummings Block is a 3-story, 45,000 sf existing historic unreinforced masonry (URM) structure located adjacent to the historic Mariachi Plaza in East Los Angeles. Westport conducted an extensive seismic reinforcement and historic rehabilitation which provided 31 units of housing in conjunction with the construction of an adjacent new, 3-story, 20-unit Type V structure over a new 2-level Type I garage structure.

Scope of work included seismic reinforcement and structural repair, restoration of historic elements to regulatory standards, new electrical, mechanical, life safety, and plumbing systems, new elevator, new windows, restoration of existing windows, new roofing system, all new finishes and hardware. The existing continuous and pad foundation system was augmented by moment frames supported on pads and grade beams.

Because of the historic qualities of the building, Westport’s craftsmen set up a woodworking shop on the premises to recreate and restore the building’s wood trim elements, including moldings, handrails, and particularly the curved-sash windows at the historically significant corner cupola.