Alexandria Hotel


501 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
$14 Million
463 Units
Owner: The Amerland Group
Architect: TSA Architects
Completion: July 2008
Project Description

The Alexandria is a 9-story concrete and steel structure constructed in 1906. Work consisted of 453 units of tenant-in place rehab. Unit construction was sequenced to relocate residents on each floor 20 units at a time.  The building’s location in a densely urban setting, surrounded by existing structures and busy streets, presented logistical issues. With no staging area available, all materials were delivered on a just-in-time basis. HVAC equipment was airlifted into the site due to access restrictions and downtown moratoriums on street closures.  Rehabilitation included new M/E/P infrastructure, lighting upgrades,  a new roof, repair of existing unit windows, fire alarm system upgrades, elevator equipment and cab upgrades, first floor commercial space upgrades, and seismic upgrades. First floor commercial businesses remained in operation during rehabilitation.  The Owner generated revenue by renting out common area space for film production, photo shoots, television commercials etc, which presented timing and noise reduction issues which needed to be overcome.  Commercial & Residential utility services needed to remain functional during daylight hours with change over taking place after regular business hours so as not to inconvenience all parties.