April 13, 2015

Westport Outreach Program

Westport Construction Inc., (Westport) maintains a policy to ensure that Small, Women/Minority, Disabled Veteran and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises receive a fair and reasonable opportunity to compete for subcontracts awarded by Westport in the performance of prime contracts. This policy ensures the maximum practical opportunity for award to an 8(a), Small/Women/Minority/ Disabled Veteran,/HUBZone, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. 

At all times, Westport strives to meet or exceed all of our established goals within a specific Project as set forth by the Owner. Westport is committed to utilizing Small/Women/Minority/Disabled Veteran, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises on our projects. We continuously solicit their involvement throughout the course of the project. Diversity and commitment to Small/Minority/Disabled Veteran/Disadvantaged Business subcontracting is a Westport management operating principle and key element to our strategy. Through diversity in our Small/Minority/Disabled Veteran/Disadvantage business subcontracting, Westport provides vital links to the local/regional community, increases flexibility in meeting project goals and cost effectiveness, helps strengthen the local economy, creates new business opportunity and supports best practices. 

Prospective subcontractors interested in joining our team are encouraged to complete the attached Pre-qualification Questionnaire and forward it to: outreach@westportconstructioninc.com.  It is further the policy of Westport to direct all subcontractors both large and small to continue to recruit Small/Minority/Disabled Veteran/Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and present a good faith effort throughout the duration of any Westport contract. Westport will seek to assure that all of its subcontractors and vendors abide by the spirit and intent of our policy.