October 23, 2012


Founded in 1987, Westport Construction originally focused on the construction and remodeling of custom homes.  Utilizing his years of construction expertise and experience Ray Apodaca was able to deliver the highest quality work for his clients.  This eventually led to opportunities to pursue the construction of affordable housing and community services projects, which remains its main area of expertise to this day and allows us to contribute to the improvement of our communities in a direct and positive way.  Over the past 20 years, Westport has constructed more than 3,000 units of new or rehab affordable housing.

Following the ideals of Vision, Leadership, Integrity, and Dedication, Westport was able to transition into institutional and commercial work in 1993.  During this time, Westport constructed such structures as the Child Development Center at Pasadena City College, Ting Shao Kuang Art Gallery, and several World Savings Bank branches.  Today, Westport is actively expanding its activities, branching out into such sectors as government, military, and university work.